… interested in exploring various aspects of movement, abundance, survival and behavior of animals and ecosystems.

Lately, the greatest chunk of my energy has been focused migrations, survival and demographics of caribou in Canada and Alaska. Second place is on-going work on wolf behavior and cognition in Finland. Third - unrelated to animals - is a large-scale analysis of flowering times and other phenological events across northern Eurasia.

Previously, I’ve worked on a variety of other systems (mostly in similarly cold places), including Pacific salmon, Steller sea lions and Northern fur seals in the North Pacific. Miscellaneous projects have also included management of invasive willow in Australia, Giant Panda reintroductions to wildlife reserves in Sichuan, China, Persian leopard and Asiatic cheetah movements in Iran, and much more.

My main academic home is in the lab of Dr. Bill Fagan at the University of Maryland, though I am currently physically located at the Deparment of Wildlife and Forest Ecology, University of Wisconsin.

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Formal education